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adding a new dimension to your event!

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a little more info about Dennis

Dennis Labbe has been performing his exciting and very unique style of magic throughout New England for over 22 years. He has performed for golf clubs, campgrounds, fairs, festivals, theater, corporate events and colleges.His Magical Wonders as he calls it is a unique compilation of magic, mind reading, illusions and comedy which makes him stand out from the rest.


Guaranteed To Entertain!


Dennis provides the answer for your entertainment needs with powerful and professional magical performances. He creates unforgettable experiences that will turn your event into an exciting success.



Dennis' brand of magic comes in all sizes. He performs close-up strolling magic right under your nose. He also does nightclub size shows for corporations and full blown illusion shows for theaters. Whatever size audience he's performing for, the feeling is intimate and casual.

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what type of magic works best?

Whether if it's for sales meetings, team building, employee appreciation or entertaining your customers and clients or delivering a sales message to possible clients. Dennis's  unique style of entertainment will be the right choice.


Corporate magic entertainment can be a great medium for team-building which is becoming more vital every day. Your customers are becoming more choosy because they have more options. Having a team that runs like a well greased machine is very important for the success of your business.The unique style of entertainment by Dennis is a fun and creative way of building camaraderie amongst your team through his fun and interactive magic.


Not only is corporate entertainment by Dennis Labbe great for your team,  it is also a powerful sales tool . Any successful business knows the value of their customers. Hosting corporate entertainment events for your top clients is a great way of build and strengthen the relationships with your clients which in turn creates more sales of your product or service to the clients. ​The great thing about Dennis Labbe's corporate entertainment is his ability to deliver a sales or training message along with the performance. With many years experience in sales team management, Dennis can structure his routines around the message you want to deliver to your customers or team. The entertainment is about you and your service or product, not Dennis and his magic.


Any of these performances can be done close-up and personal to small groups or set to entertain a whole room of guests at once.

Your customers are becoming more choosy because they have more options. You need to stand out and set yourself apart from your competition and Dennis can help you do just that!

Dennis Labbe Trade Shows Banner
Dennis Labbe Restaurant Banner

You'll be Unique and attract crowds to your booth like a static electricity!


According to Exhibitor Magazine trade show magicians are the most effective way of increasing booth traffic and company awareness next to product demonstrations.


As a trade show presenter, Dennis will combine his crowd drawing talents with amazing magic and mind reading demonstrations that will have your booth crowded with prospects.


Dennis will set up beside your booth in about a 3’ X 3’ space, and in regular intervals will perform short 5-10 minute close-up shows where Dennis expertly weaves your company’s key information into his performances, insuring that not only will your prospects remember what a great time they had at your booth but they’ll actually get informed of what your company has to offer and ready for your sales team.


Dennis will create a buzz, Draw a crowd, and Deliver your message over and over again.



You know what makes a customer choose YOUR restaurant over your competition?  Service and Quality!  So make their experience MAGICIAL!


Bringing in a magician to go from table to table to entertain you guest while they are waiting for their food or even while they are waiting to be seated will definitely make you stand out from the others.


This is a great way to keep the guest entertained and busy to soften the wait time. Sometimes a 10 to 15 minute waite can seem like forever when they are bored and hungry. With Dennis's unique and engaging style of entertainment it can turn that what seems forever wait to just magically fly by.


Dennis, strolls around from table to table, introducing himself as the house entertainment courtesy of your restaurant and performs for about 5-10 minutes, (longer if needed or wanted).


On really busy nights when the guests have a long wait to be seated, Dennis can make what would otherwise be an annoying experience into a wonderful treat.



Dennis Labbe Strolling Entertainment Banner

Strolling magic lets you entertain a large group of people without a stage. It’s ideal for cocktail parties and receptions – anywhere a formal show isn’t feasible.

Dennis will mingle with your guests while performing amazing magic and mentalism. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment as incredible things happen inches from their eyes!


How Strolling Magic Works

The perfect ice breaker...Turning your cocktail hour into a social hour!


After meeting Dennis, your guests won’t be talking about the weather! This is the perfect conversation starter, long after the magic has ended.

If the guest will be seated at tables Dennis will visit each table to give them their own little mini show. If the guest will be standing and mingling about in small groups Dennis will mingle to each group to offer each their own magic experience.


Stolling magic is great also at the buffet line and at the bar as Dennis’s magic will help to make those long waits in line a fun and memorable experience!

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some of dennis' clients include

frequently asked questions

It's our duty to anticipate your needs and cater to even the most minor details that can help make an event successful. Please feel free to ask us if your specific concerns are not addressed below.

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  • What is a Mentalist?

    Entertainer who appear to be able to read the minds of their audience, 'predict' the outcome of random events and even appear to control the minds of the audience. This is achieved through psychological techniques and auto-suggestion.


  • What is a Magician?

    Magicians (also known as Illusionist) provide live entertainment for events by performing sleight-of-hand tricks and illusions which appear to make the impossible possible, and the supernatural natural. And include effects like escape, levitation, transformation, transportation, vanishing, producing something-from-nothing, making solid objects pass through each other.


  • What kind of events / functions does Dennis perform for?

    Dennis performs at a wide variety of events for both private and corporate clients. Which includes: banquets, weddings, dinners, gala functions, anniversaries, birthdays, family fun days, trade shows, sales conferences, retirement parties, Christmas parties, New Year events, colleges, universities  and project graduations.


  • What’s the best method to contact Dennis?

    You can fill in the contact form or send an email, text, or call. It may take up to 24 hours for Dennis to respond due to his busy schedule, but he often responds very quickly to emails and texts.


  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes, 25%  of the fee is collected during booking to secure the date.

  • What's the booking process?

    Best is to fill out the contact form to send a request or send inquiry by email. Dennis will reply as quickly as possible. From there we will discuss the needs & requirements of both the client and Dennis, and go over the rates. Once we come to an agreement Dennis will send a contract and once it is signed and the 25% deposit received the date will be booked. The balance will be due on the day of the show prior to the performance.


  • What does Dennis require to perform his show?

    A platform (Preferred) or floor space at a minimum of 8’ W X 6’ D  but  (10’ X 10’ or larger is preferred) with performing area against a wall or in a corner of a room with a power outlet nearby and two chairs or stools.


  • If we hire Dennis for Strolling magic will he be able to  get to everyone?

    Dennis can cover about 100 people or a dozen tables in a 2 hour  time frame. The general rule is 1 entertainer per 100 people for a 2 hour event. If more than 100 are attending, Paul Draper can recommend other high quality magicians and will book them on your behalf.


  • Is the show clean and appropriate?

    Absolutely.  There is no vulgarity in Dennis’s shows. The show material is customized for the type of event and audience and can be slightly tweaked  up with humorous innuendo for comedy clubs and corporate shows when requested and toned down for family gathering events.


  • Does Dennis have any references from previous bookers?

    Please visit the reviews on this page

  • How far does Dennis travel?

    Dennis is magician/mentalist entertainer who performs all over the US.

  • How far in advance do I need to book the date?

    Bookings can be taken up to 12 months in advance of the event. I would check availability as soon as you have a date in mind, as many key dates tend to get booked in advance. All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.


  • How many people can Dennis entertain at a function?

    Parlor/Stage shows: 25 - 2,000. (Larger audiences with video support)

    Strolling: half a dozen tables per hour.

    Trade show: Gathers large crowds every 15 to 20 minutes

  • How long does Dennis perform for?

    Typical Parlor / Stage show: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

    Theater Stage show: 75 or 90 minutes

    Strolling: 2-4 hours depending on size of event

    Trade show: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for 4-8 hours per day.

  • Why are there no prices on your site?

    Every event is unique and has its own requirements. Please send Dennis a quick email and outline the basic details about your event such as type of event, date, approx. times, number of guests, venue, and location. Contact Dennis to work out a quote for your event.


Some raving customer reviews

Some raving customer reviews

"WOW,WOW, & WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hired you for a 45 minute magical entertainment show and we received sooooooo much more. I noticed before dinner you were around entertaining people table by table with magic, I  also noticed you sat down and ate with a group of people (A BIG HIT), and after your show you continued to entertain people at their tables with more magic. Thank you so much for giving us much more than we paid you for! Everyone at work this morning mentioned you and your wonderful show.


You were a big hit and we can't wait to find a reason to hire you again. Again thank you so much!"

Steve O'Halloran

Paul O'Halloran/Machine Transport

Ellsworth, ME

"Dennis, I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your terrific show!

You have so much energy and are so funny, and you kept everyone in awe the entire time! You truly are a star!

The looks on their faces was absolutely priceless from beginning to end.  You have a terrific personality and everyone just loved your show.

  And the banana (aka bandana) was a hoot!  We loved the bunny -can you imagine putting a rabbit in a trance?  And what happend to the birds?  I could go on and on.....the entire show was just amazing!


I just can't say enough great things! The party will definitely go down as one of the best we have ever had.  It was a SUPER FANTASTIC show!



Caryn Clark

"We want to recognize the amazing job that you did with your magic show at our Family Fun Day that was held at the Curtis Lake Church in Sanford. We were so happy that we could offer the families that attended the opportunity to see your show. The families enjoyed the chance to interact with you in your show and the live animals were a huge hit. It is clear that you put so much time and consideration into what you do.


The Family Fun Day turned out to be very successful and we want to thank you for playing such a large part in that success. We wish you all of the best with your future shows and thank you again for your participation."


The Alliance For Healthy Families


What.a great show! Dennis was very easy to work with and get booked. And all the guests LOVED the show! He was funny and talented and kept everyone entertained for the entire time!

Kyla M

Channel Building Company

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